Saturday, October 7, 2017

American Rehab House Front Before/Afters

The American Rehab House in Summerville, SC was started in 1906.  It was originally 550 square feet and is now 1,950 sf.  

Our ownership of this home began in November 2013.  In February and March of 2014, we started the exterior work of this renovation which took two weeks and was filmed for the premiere episode of the DIY Network's American Rehab shows.  

Following our episode in August 2014 were AR Detroit, AR Buffalo, AR Virginia, AR Restoring VictoriaAR Utah (aka Old Home Love), AR Motor City (aka Site Unseen), and five additional episodes of American Rehab Charleston that we filmed in Dec. '14 - Feb. '15, airing on the DIY network Fall 2015. 
American Rehab Charleston also made it on HGTV here in the United States as well as internationally.  This project is an on-going effort.  I'm enjoying each phase, grateful I had the opportunity to share some of the project through ARC, and thankful to have been in the middle of this special project since 2013. 

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

American Rehab House Brick Drive 10 of 10

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Please consider reading more about The American Rehab House HERE.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

American Rehab House Brick Drive 9 of 10

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Please consider reading more about The American Rehab House HERE.

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Better Than New by Nicole Curtis

Book Review

wanted to take a few minutes to say how much I enjoyed Nicole Curtis' book, Better Than New

I won't share too much, but I'll provide an introduction to the book by commenting on the title, which was inspired by wisdom from Nicole's grandmother.  Initially, Better Than New made me think of the houses she does on Rehab Addict since I am someone who thinks saving an old run-down home is 'better than new.'   I've lived in old houses and I've lived in new ones.  For me, older is just better... than new.  

Beyond her house rehab stories and lessons, Nicole describes in candid detail how her personal life is interwoven intimately with what the world has witnessed on HGTV and DIY in her shows.  So a second layer within the title hints at what the reader learns inside, that Nicole had been tuned in to how much she has learned with each of her home renovations.  Not simply construction lessons, but much more personal lessons on life and relationships.

One more thing about the many layers within her three word title.  Viewers have seen Ms. Curtis as a mom on the show, but she explains about becoming a mother for a second time in Better Than New.  Although I am sure that she did a pretty admirable job as a parent in her twenties, I'll bet she's determined to do an even better job this time.  Just like she learned some lessons from project house #1 to her second rehab, she'll apply what she's learned with her first child as she get's to do it for the second time.  Experienced Mother will in many ways be better than new Mom was decades ago. 

My televised renovation work is minor in comparison to Nicole's, but I've had the chance to work with some of her production crew plus we obviously share the passion for taking on old homes in really bad shape.  In these ways, I was clearly reading Better Than New from my unique perspective. Simply stated, I really enjoyed the book, but it ended up being more than that for me because I came away feeling as if I needed to read it.  It was good for me.  I needed to have her explain some of the things she's worked through and read between the lines to get answers I've been curious about with regard to my own experiences in the world of TV.  I needed to understand her side of multiple stories.  The renovation stuff I knew.  Not that I didn't totally enjoy her heartwarming reflections or her crazy job-site stories, but the behind-the-scenes TV production stuff, that's what I needed.  It was meant a lot to learn her side and I'm thankful this book has recommended to me.  

I'm always happy when someone takes on an old house.  I'm excited for them, even if they're strangers.  I'm comparatively happy for Nicole.  I love being a Dad so I can relate to how excited she is about getting a chance to be a Mother again.

So, that's all I'm going to say folks.  Now, go buy her book!  ( ...or get on the list at your local library.)  Lots of great pictures and a bunch of stuff you won't ever get from the TV shows.  Great job, NC!

Trent F.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

FOR SALE - The Appleby House

300 Quaker Road
St. George, SC 29477

Charleston  1 hr. 5 min.
Columbia  1 hr. 10 min.
Savannah, GA  1 hr. 20 min.
Beaufort, SC  1 hr. 10 min.
Edisto Beach  1 hr. 20 min.
Lake Marion 35 min.
Edisto River 20 min.   

Contact Agent:  Troy Phillips

Update:  We sold The Appleby House in August.  We really hoped we'd find owner(s) who appreciated our efforts and we did just that.  We're excited for them to settle in to their new home as well as the special town of St. George.   

Monday, March 20, 2017

The American Rehab House

American Rehab 
The American Rehab House

DIY Network

Wed., March 22nd, 9am-noon

There are people and places that are so special and unique that they get tagged, and known, by multiple names.  Consider legendary home-run hitter George Herman Ruth who was most well known as 'Babe.'  He was also identified as The Sultan of Swat and The Great Bambino as well as a few lesser known nicknames.  He spent most of his baseball career in New York City, The Capital of the World, The Big Apple, aka The City That Never Sleeps.    

In November 2013 we closed on The Country Victorian.  The exterior renovation of this home was the subject of the premiere episode of the American Rehab shows for The DIY Network in the fall of 2014 and people naturally began to refer to it as The TV House.  This second name became even more fitting in the fall of 2015 when the six episodes of American Rehab Charleston began to air.  Since this past fall, when The Appleby House and The Cottage projects were shown on DIY as part of the Restoring Charleston season, many have begun to call the TV House, The American Rehab House.  I get it and I like it.  It's a special house, and like the Babe and NYC, it deserves more than one name.     

The Appleby House

The Cottage

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Restoring Charleston - Updates and Thank Yous

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Big night tonight.  Restoring Charleston is an eight hour marathon, 8pm to 4am EST which puts it into prime time viewing; East Coast, West Coast, and everywhere in between.

First off:  The Cottage has been sold.  However, we're still trying to connect with the right buyer for the Appleby House.   It's 1,961 sqft., two bedrooms, two baths, and $295K.  Email me at with interest or questions.

Secondly, a lot of folks have been asking, "What's next?"  I'm wrapping up some other projects that have been pushed back and beginning the preliminary work on The House in the Woods.  I'm really excited about this one.  Lots of potential and plenty of great things to work with on this turn of the century home that used to actually be two separate houses.  
The House in the Woods

I'd also like to take  a moment to thank Phyllis Hughes, the President of the Upper Dorchester Historic Society.  Without any commitments from the network, she took a chance with me and worked steadily helping me find three homes for the shows this summer.  It's not easy to find the right properties, but options are good and it was great having three Pig's Ears to match up with the budget and schedule demands. 

It's hard to start thanking people because the list grows quickly, but I want to also mention how much I appreciate the Town of St. George for their enthusiasm and support for the show and our projects.  It was a great summer.  St. George is a wonderful, tight knit community.  Sure, it has obvious natural beauty that's easily exemplified in the picture of The House in the Woods above with the centuries old live oak tree that frames the house with the blooming azaleas.  However, the people are what really make St. George so special.  In some ways they're like one great big family and throughout the year they've treated me very much like one of their own.        

Finally, I'd want to most especially thank Shawn Visco, our Executive Producer in charge with the DIY Network.  She's the reason our shows are so great.  Until just now, she's been our secret weapon. The vision for how we've told the story of each rehab has started and ended with her.  I've been the host, and the houses have been the stars of each episode, but Shawn has made the magic happen.  Sure, I was the one crazy enough to buy the properties, but the cool music, the graphics, the history beats, the voice overs that tie everything together in an understandable way and knowing what to include and what to edit out... all of that goes through Shawn.  She's been the driving force behind American Rehab Charleston and Restoring Charleston. The Holy City is near and dear to her heart, maybe now with the success of our shows more than ever.  Without her diligence, hard work, and talents none of this would have happened.  Like I said above there are so many people to thank, but at the top of list, without question is Shawn Visco.  I'll never be able to thank her enough for her unwavering enthusiasm for these shows and her confidence in me from the start.