Thursday, August 13, 2015

American Rehab Charleston 2.015

It looks like we're going to be on TV again next Wednesday, August 19th on the DIY Network from 11pm - Midnight.  This would have been my paternal grandfather's 108th birthday.  (Thanks for supplying me with all those nails Grandpa;)         

We were on last fall when we worked on the front porch, the exterior, and built the arbor in the front yard (see American Rehab Charleston).  I believe they're going to re-air the pilot and then at 11:30 they'll share what we did in the living room and foyer.  Below are some pictures of what we started with and what it looked like before we put it back together. 
Living Room - Before
This has been an exciting project and I'm glad family and friends will get a taste for what I do from their living rooms in other parts of the country.

Just some quick background as far as the timeline/details that has led up to this series:  I was contacted about doing something with DIY/HGTV in Oct. 2013.  The network sent a crew to film me for a couple days in November.  We filmed the pilot episode (that re-airs at 11pm) in March 2014.  It was initially broadcast on DIY last August and then shown again a couple times in Sept.  In October we were picked up for five more episodes and a much bigger production crew returned in December and filmed until February.  Editing and production started in March and involved people here, New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Minneapolis, and probably some other places I don't know about. Dozens of talented people that were fun to work with.     

Living Room - During

This two year ride has been exciting, intense, and full of more once-in-a-lifetime experiences than I think I can count.  It's been a completely unbelievable and amazing thing to be involved with.  I'll forever be thankful that I was able to do the show and that everyone who wants to see it will have the chance in the next few weeks.   It's full of great history of both Charleston and Summerville, SC as well as educational tips about renovating old homes.   As I said once before, this great 109 year old house (The TV House) is the star and I am the host.  I hope you all enjoy it.      

Serious Termite Damage
Will we be able to save this fireplace? 
Tune in to find out.


  1. I am so excited about this! I was hoping we would get to see more of this home! Congrats Trent! So proud of you!

  2. This is SUCH AWESOME news!! We will be watching!! It couldn't happen to a greater family!!

    1. Thanks, Cat! I told the network you missed the pilot last fall so they're re-airing it just for you and your family!