Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nicole Curtis Going Non-Conventional on Rehab Addict

How do you place value on the whatever it takes attitude?  It sure goes a long way in new construction and maybe is a little more significant in construction renovation when things rarely go exactly as planned. 

Case in point:  Nicole Curtis solving her minor bathroom dilemma on The Terrors episode of Rehab Addict.  How did she keep moving forward when she needed a smaller water closet for Rachael and Adam's bathroom?  She traveled a few blocks home, yanked out her own smaller commode, and put it to use at R&A's home so she could stay on track.  I loved it.  This is what you have to be ready to do.  I'm not talking about given your bathroom fixtures to someone else, I'm talking about doing whatever it takes

Before I was working in residential construction renovating old homes, I worked on the commercial side of our industry.  Once, we were building a distribution center up in Northern Virginia.  It was a huge building, over eighteen acres under one roof.  At times I'd be thankful to hitch a ride on a golf cart to get me from the project's office trailer to a far off destination somewhere in the gigantic place.  Anyway, we had these over-sized fans to keep the building cool when it was finished and had to set them on their openings all over the roof.  They were heavy and we anticipated that a crane would be the ideal way to move them into place.  However, physics and basic leverage would prevent the traditional equipment from reaching the bulk of the openings in the roof because with the fans at the end of a crane boom, the weights and distances made this plan unfeasible.  So what did we do?  We hired a helicopter pilot to fly them into place and it all got done without a hiccup.      

So sometimes you have to be ready to go unorthodox or non-conventional.  I'm talking about out-of-the-box effectiveness you won't find in the handy-man guides (or construction management textbooks) at the bookstore.  It's an attitude that regardless of the challenges, things will move ahead and get done as needed some way and some how.  It may not happen as originally planned, but there's an understanding and commitment to finding another solution that's just as good or better.  This is part of renovating houses others don't want and another reason we're wild about Rehab Addict on DIY.

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