Thursday, July 30, 2015

American Rehab Virginia

I hope you’re enjoying American Rehab Virginia on the DIY Network.  Homeowner couple Catherine and Tayloe Emery are the hands-on hosts, who are occasionally juggling their two young boys (and rambunctious dogs) as they take on a room at a time.  Four episodes have been shared already on DIY, but it’s not too late to see any missed episodes to get caught up. 
The home is named Mt.Airy and located on the  Rappahannock River.  This 450 acre homestead has been in the Tayloe Family since 1682!  Wow!  The thing that grabs my attention first off is two-fold; the size and the symmetry.  When I think of this as a builder, it’s impressive because it’s so massively ambitious.  Right and left side, everything has to be the same or the entire effect will be tarnished.  This building could not have been easy to build back in the mid 1700’s, but they obviously did it right.
My initial reaction to what I see inside is about potential.  There appears to be amazing opportunities to make major improvements and I'll enjoy learning more about how this home was built.  I'd love to be the one to tear it apart and put it back together.  I love history and this house has plenty of that.  It's flanked by two dependencies which are all connected as a trio by two curved passageways, one of which is the Kitchen that gets renovated on the show.  Square footage details weren’t part of the first episodes, but some basic math tells me this five part building is over 7,500 square feet!
As always, I don't want to serve as a spoiler.  Watch Friday, 10pm to 12 on DIY and see for yourself. 


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