Monday, March 20, 2017

The American Rehab House

American Rehab 
The American Rehab House

DIY Network

Wed., March 22nd, 9am-noon

There are people and places that are so special and unique that they get tagged, and known, by multiple names.  Consider legendary home-run hitter George Herman Ruth who was most well known as 'Babe.'  He was also identified as The Sultan of Swat and The Great Bambino as well as a few lesser known nicknames.  He spent most of his baseball career in New York City, The Capital of the World, The Big Apple, aka The City That Never Sleeps.    

In November 2013 we closed on The Country Victorian.  The exterior renovation of this home was the subject of the premiere episode of the American Rehab shows for The DIY Network in the fall of 2014 and people naturally began to refer to it as The TV House.  This second name became even more fitting in the fall of 2015 when the six episodes of American Rehab Charleston began to air.  Since this past fall, when The Appleby House and The Cottage projects were shown on DIY as part of the Restoring Charleston season, many have begun to call the TV House, The American Rehab House.  I get it and I like it.  It's a special house, and like the Babe and NYC, it deserves more than one name.     

The Appleby House

The Cottage

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