Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis On DIY

If you've read at least one of my previous posts you won't be shocked to learn that I've found time to watch more than one episode of Rehab Addict on DIY.  The shows host, Nicole Curtis, is passionate about renovating and takes on homes that others think are beyond repair.  She doesn't just point her finger and tell hired tradesmen what she's wants done, she rolls up her sleeves, grabs a shovel or a hammer, and is part of the fun.        

I've only been able to see Rehab Addict a few times.  I saw Curtis re-purpose some garage doors into a basement wall and incorporate an old soapstone wash sink into one of her bathrooms.  In another episode she transformed the bathroom of a client and found an old wood door to use as a headboard.  (see The Picture Window at the Bungalow).  She did some dumpster diving in another show and candidly (and without reservation) explained how most of her furniture was discarded as trash by previous owners.  Now, this may not sound as exciting and dramatic as demolishing an old house and rebuilding a new one in a week, but that's not what Nicole (or Blood, Sweat, and Pig's Ears) is about.  

I can relate to how Curtis finances her addiction.  In the intro of one show Nicole explains how one of her project houses isn't selling quickly enough and because of this she's having to put her own home on the market for sale.  This is the reality of a freelance home renovator.  My wife calls it a feast or famine way of life.  When I'm waiting for the next buyer, I start to think of different ways to generate cash and selling a property is always an option.  On one hand it's nerve racking, but on another it is exciting and is one of the things that makes Rehab Addict subtly intriguing for people who don't live this way. 

So, if you haven't watched Nicole Curtis in Rehab Addict, and you love renovating like I do, then you need to check the television schedule and sit down for a thirty minute episode.  It's good stuff.     


  1. Thanks for "getting" what I do:)

    Nicole Curtis

  2. I don't have cable so I only just recently discovered Nicole - I have been searching for other people who like this style of renovating (not being a "flipper" and doing the work ourselves etc)
    Funny I'm in SC too!

  3. Thanks Katy. Love that Tree House you built.

  4. Interesting read and interesting show

  5. i need help and have little to no money but own this big old house that need to b up dated if I learn the know hoe it would heip out with my small budget by taking one project at a time