Friday, June 16, 2017

Better Than New by Nicole Curtis

Book Review

wanted to take a few minutes to say how much I enjoyed Nicole Curtis' book, Better Than New

I won't share too much, but I'll provide an introduction to the book by commenting on the title, which was inspired by wisdom from Nicole's grandmother.  Initially, Better Than New made me think of the houses she does on Rehab Addict since I am someone who thinks saving an old run-down home is 'better than new.'   I've lived in old houses and I've lived in new ones.  For me, older is just better... than new.  

Beyond her house rehab stories and lessons, Nicole describes in candid detail how her personal life is interwoven intimately with what the world has witnessed on HGTV and DIY in her shows.  So a second layer within the title hints at what the reader learns inside, that Nicole had been tuned in to how much she has learned with each of her home renovations.  Not simply construction lessons, but much more personal lessons on life and relationships.

One more thing about the many layers within her three word title.  Viewers have seen Ms. Curtis as a mom on the show, but she explains about becoming a mother for a second time in Better Than New.  Although I am sure that she did a pretty admirable job as a parent in her twenties, I'll bet she's determined to do an even better job this time.  Just like she learned some lessons from project house #1 to her second rehab, she'll apply what she's learned with her first child as she get's to do it for the second time.  Experienced Mother will in many ways be better than new Mom was decades ago. 

My televised renovation work is minor in comparison to Nicole's, but I've had the chance to work with some of her production crew plus we obviously share the passion for taking on old homes in really bad shape.  In these ways, I was clearly reading Better Than New from my unique perspective. Simply stated, I really enjoyed the book, but it ended up being more than that for me because I came away feeling as if I needed to read it.  It was good for me.  I needed to have her explain some of the things she's worked through and read between the lines to get answers I've been curious about with regard to my own experiences in the world of TV.  I needed to understand her side of multiple stories.  The renovation stuff I knew.  Not that I didn't totally enjoy her heartwarming reflections or her crazy job-site stories, but the behind-the-scenes TV production stuff, that's what I needed.  It was meant a lot to learn her side and I'm thankful this book has recommended to me.  

I'm always happy when someone takes on an old house.  I'm excited for them, even if they're strangers.  I'm comparatively happy for Nicole.  I love being a Dad so I can relate to how excited she is about getting a chance to be a Mother again.

So, that's all I'm going to say folks.  Now, go buy her book!  ( ...or get on the list at your local library.)  Lots of great pictures and a bunch of stuff you won't ever get from the TV shows.  Great job, NC!

Trent F.

Welcome Back Rehab Addict (February 9, 2013)   

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