Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Renovating Takes Time... And That's Okay.

If you've seen any of the American Rehab Charleston or Restoring Charleston episodes, than you understand that I'm really into history.  We're at the end of football season and all the teams I pull for have been eliminated.  But the thing that holds my attention to the NFL's season finale in February is the historical ramifications.  As much as the action on the field, I know the history of the sport and that's significant in why I watch professional football.

I enjoy college football for a different reason.  There's still a historical element to my interest, but the action on the field is different, and for this fan better than the pro games.  College football is a little slower.  Not a lot, but enough that it's noticeably easier to see plays develop.  I like that.  Things happen so fast in the NFL and this leads to the propensity for significant injuries (which stinks), but it also makes it tougher to follow the action without instant replay.  

It seems like I'm off topic when I start writing about sports, but this is still about renovating old houses.  I've never considered myself a house flipper.  Flipping houses is a fast deal like the NFL action.  What I do when I renovate a Pig's Ear is a little different.  However, I think my approach is not just a better fit for my family and I, but it's also more practical for most people renovating a home of their own as a do-it-yourselfer serving in the role as their own General Contractor or Construction Manager.  In this way (in this football/rehab analogy) it's more similar to college football.  It's slower and you can see and understand things differently than in a flip that's laser focused on schedule and budget where you save time that costs money and along the way miss some valuable or worthwhile things.  

Just like I enjoy history, and the history of a sport like football, I also have a constant appreciation for the history of each of my properties.  For me, that's just part of the adventure of fixing up a house.  And not just the houses, but the neighborhood and the town.  I know some may see these things as distractions to the bottom line profit, but this is not a numbers game for me.  It's also a way of life and I'm thankful for this awareness.

I've seen how home rehabbing shows make the projects look easier than they actually are or more difficult (see Renovation Realities on DIY).  But since I've also renovated a few houses with the film crews I understand why and how the producers do it... and I get it (sort of).  A thirty minute or two hour house rehab on television is fun and can be inspirational, but it's not like the real thing.  That I do know for sure.  The real life, hand's on experience is so much better.  It's more exciting and more enjoyable in a different way, and sure it takes longer than a half hour.  But if your a DIYer, embrace the time it takes to complete your project.  Realize that it's part of the experience.  Savor it.  Appreciate it.  And make the most of this extra time.     

BTW - I'm cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles on Super Bowl Sunday, not just because they're the underdog (the Beagles), but because they've never won the big game before.

If Necessary, Just Slow Down  (May 3rd, 2012)