Saturday, April 7, 2018

This Old House - Charleston

For the first time in their 39 year history, This Old House has come to Charleston to film home restorations for their show.  Two projects and ten episodes!  The first two episodes have aired and they're great.  I wanted to take a moment to encourage people to watch since I've really enjoyed what I've seen so far.  The houses are old with plenty of work to be done and they're amazing.  They're in terrible shape, but the potential is impossible to miss.   

The first episode was simply an introduction to both projects and their respective home owners; Scott & Kathleen and Judith & Julia.  Mark Regalbuto of Renew Urban was also introduced as one of the general contractors.  

Episode two covers demolition of both homes, some archaeological digging in the back yard and under the kitchen house, and a visit to The American College of The Building Arts at their new campus on Meeting Street on the peninsula.  In this second show, viewers meet Lindsay Nevin of Flyway, the GC of the other house.  

Some articles with more info and before pictures:

Charleston Post & Courier article by Robert Behre

KPBS - San Diego - by Jennifer Robinson