Saturday, May 5, 2012

NC's Bathroom Redux on Rehab Addict

I've taken some of my own advice, kept an eye on the television schedule, and caught some more Rehab Addict on DIY.  I was able to see the Bathroom Redux episode this week and as I said before it's all really good stuff.  Nicole Curtis, the shows host, was working on her Harriet House which is an 1890 home that's now upper and lower apartments.  Along with a list of other demolition and renovation tasks, Curtis and her team demoed some walls to expose the interior so they can bring plumbing and electrical up to code, blew insulation within the cavities behind the laths on the perimeter walls, and trimmed out around a radiator (with a removable top).      

Nicole knows the value of the before/after pictures and video (see Step 1 - Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!) so we all get those looks of what they started with.  The bathroom at the beginning of the episode was jacked-up.  If you lived there and had to use the before bathroom, you'd really question the need of bathing everyday or you might buy a membership at the nearest YMCA and shower over there.  It wasn't the worst bathroom in history, but there may have been a few science experiments growing in there.  It was not good.

After they demoed the trim and framing funkiness around the claw foot tub (that was kind of wedged into a hard to use corner/nook type area), Curtis got to work.  She prepped and refinished the claws and underside of the tub, the tile team installed the chosen basket-weave pattern on the bathroom floor, and then the tile crew knocked out the subway tiles on the walls.

Afterwards, it was completely a spa or some great bathroom you'd find in a Bed and Breakfast somewhere.  It was spot-on and it made you want to shut the door, fill the tub, and have a good soak after a long day.

I almost forgot to mention the exposed brick they discovered and revealed.  I missed how this turned out, but I will see it down the road because I'm watching the schedules even closer and looking forward to seeing how the Harriet House Duplex ends up when Nicole and her team are finished.

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