Saturday, August 29, 2015

The TV House - The Small Bedroom, Before/During

The Small Bedroom w/ one window
& the back of the fire place. 
American Rehab Charleston

DIY Network
Wed., Sept. 2nd
11 pm EST

The TV House was originally a two room home that was about 550 square feet with a large front porch.  I believe the first addition to this house was the back porch.  And that makes sense.  If/when possible, I know I'd sure want an add-on outside the back door?  It was certainly a great way to dodge raindrops while unlocking the back door (if they locked them way back in 1900's Summerville).  Charley Brown, the original homeowner, would have been able to sit out back and look over the back half of his property and the woods, maybe even spotting deer, squirrels, rabbits, and descendants of the colorful birds I see here everyday.
I don't have a way of knowing when it was enclosed, but when I took ownership it was a cozy bedroom with two closets.  The living room fire place protrudes into this space and to me that seemed like an opportunity to do something special here when we re-worked things.  There was one window that I felt sure could remain as-is and two closets that flanked the door leading from the main hall.  When I pounded lightly on several spots, I could hear things falling inside; small pieces of wall/studs so I knew we'd have some structural issues to address after demo.

Like many other spaces in The TV House, this was a room with potential.
The back of the fire place and one of this room's closets on the left.

Sm. bedroom Closet #2.
The wall on the right was once an exterior wall.

The Small Bedroom, During.

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