Monday, August 31, 2015

The TV House - Side Bedroom, Before/During

Side Bedroom Before
American Rehab Charleston

DIY Network
Wed., Sept. 2nd 
11pm EST

When I started tearing into the side bedroom, I realized that this was another room that had at one time been a porch.  (Like the Octobath and the Sunroom.)  I figured this out because of the layers of flooring more than anything else.  As a bedroom it had carpet when I took over which covered a layer of plywood that was on top of weathered tongue and groove flooring. 

Although this was one space in the home that would be used in the same way (as a bedroom), I still had structural and re-design issues to address.  The floors were extremely springy and the kitchen design would impact this room's closet.  A bedroom without a closet is not really a bedroom, so I knew I had some serious work in this part of the house as well.

Windows overlooking The Holy Corner outside.
Side bedroom during, showing footer holes.

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