Monday, August 24, 2015

The TV House - Kitchen, Before/During

Believe it or not, this is the kitchen.
Imagine a refrigerator, right-center of the photo
where that door is leaning up against the wall.
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Wed., Aug. 26th
11:30 pm EST

The TV House was originally built as a two room cottage with a big six foot wide hall running through the middle of the house from the front porch to the back door.  There was a living room on the right with a fire place and a kitchen on the left that also had a fire place.  When I bought the house, the fire place in the kitchen had been removed and this room was a large, cold bedroom with a door from the hallway/foyer, another out onto the sunroom, and two original windows that looked out onto the front porch.  There had been two other windows on the side, but one became the opening to the sunroom, while the other was covered with plaster so well it was nearly impossible to notice. 
The question from some has been, "Ok Trent, how did you know there used to be a fire place in the room if it was gone when you bought it?"  First off, there was a mongo sized brick base in the crawl space that was clearly the remnants of an old fire place.  Secondly, there was also some triangular shaped patch work on the metal roof above this part of the house that served as another clue.

A major goal on this project was to transform this part of the home, and the kitchen in particular, from one of the least used areas to the main living space for this great old house.  Did we do it?  Tune in Wednesday to find out.  :) 
This is also the kitchen looking at where the orig. FP was.
Can you picture a full wall of kitchen cabinets on this wall? 

The kitchen after demo. with the octagon room behind.

The remains of the original fire place that I
discovered in the crawl space before I took ownership. 

A view of the kitchen from the side bedroom,

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