Saturday, August 22, 2015

The TV House - Sunroom, Before/During

The sunroom looking at the original exterior wall on the
left and the old octobath door.
American Rehab Charleston

DIY Network
Wed., Aug. 26th
11 pm EST

The sunroom was and is the room that links the octagon room, the original part of the house, and the back/side door together.  In some ways, because of it's strategic spot, it looks like it may have served as something of a large hallway between these rooms and door to the outside.  It has a triad of windows that allow great light into the house, but early on I had plans to open things up (see The Perestroika/Glastnost Approach).  My intent was to make it more apart of the other rooms and in doing so, more apart of the rest of the house.

The sunroom with the back/side door on the right.

After Demo. - The view into the sunroom
from the octagon room during demo.

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