Sunday, August 23, 2015

The TV House - The Side Door & The Holy Corner, Before

The side door leading to the sunroom
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Wed., Aug. 26th
11 pm EST

The side door of The TV House was one of three doors that led to the back.  I've never hesitated to relocate or eliminate an exterior door that I felt wasn't working right on one of my projects.  I moved the back doors at both The Fire House and The Cottage, and eliminated a door at The Bungalow that was unnecessary and interfered with foot traffic flow... which is always important to me and something I'm mindful of when I redesign a floor plan before a project really gets going.  (see Step 6 - Sketch out the Floor Plan).  The side door didn't need to be taken out or re-positioned, but everything around it had to be considered as I re-worked the floor plan.

This side door is next to what I call the Holy Corner... like in Holy mackerel!, Holy buckets!, Holy moly look at that hole in the side of the wall!   Really... we had daylight shining thru an opening the size of a golf ball!  Unless you want birds, snakes, lizards, and other critters coming inside for shelter, this is not good. 

Even though this corner is on the exterior, when working from the outside it's referred to as an interior corner.  Inside and out, this part of the home has been a major issue for me from day one.  The way the rain came off the roof was something of a jacked up mess.  We started with a metal roof/asphalt shingle valley that caught the eye in an avoidable way and the water collected between the brick/stucco steps and this interior corner.  This spot is where the original part of the house meets two previous additions; the sunroom and the side bedroom.  It needed reworked/cleaned up for aesthetic reasons, but functionally as far as drainage and managing rain water, it was a part of the house that I'd been anxious to address.

More expansive view of this side of the house.

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