Sunday, September 20, 2015

American Rehab Day on DIY

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd
DIY Network
9am - Midnight EST

The DIY Network will air all four ARs this Wednesday from 9am until midnight with a brief Rehab Addict intermission from 8-9pm.   I've written about each series, homeowners, and houses already so I won't go into much detail again.   
The marathon starts at 9am with Chris and Amy Lee saving Chris' ancestral home in The Motor City.  I especially love the picture of the Lee Family with their detached garage (below).  Besides serving as the project manager/general contractor on this massive effort, Chris is also a car guy (see The Straights Garage).  So... it's no surprise that he wants to salvage what he has left of their outbuilding.  Just wait til you see what they do with the brick shell in the background of the pic.  Real estate folks say that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.  Well, the right garage can really help too, especially for a man on the fence.    

American Rehab Detroit
9am - Noon

American Rehab Virginia is another family mission with Tayloe and Catherine Emery restoring the Tayloe  Clan's piece of history.  This is a Colonial Home and because it's on the National Register of Historic Places they had to consider historic integrity on multiple scopes of work in a way that the other three series have not.  This necessary wrinkle made their rehab even more challenging, but also more educational/informative for their audience. 

Noon - 5pm

Before this all started, I called our project The Country Victorian.  However, since we've been on DIY (and also HGTV) it's earned a new name: The TV House.
American Rehab Charleston  (Aug. 27, 2014)

5 - 8pm

I just wrote about how much I like Shalina Joy and the home she calls Victoria on Sept 14th, so I won't say a lot more here.  I'm excited to watch the last two episodes; the backyard makeover and the final show.  

American Rehab: Saving Victoria
9pm - Midnight

On Deck...

American Rehab Buffalo
with Jason Wilson and Bernice Radle
American Rehab Buffalo
Wed., Sept 30th
DIY Network
9 - 11pm EST

I'm really looking forward to seeing American Rehab Buffalo.  Bernice Radle and Jason Wilson are wild about Buffalo and from some pictures I've spotted on-line, it looks like they do some pretty cool stuff with the house they take on in their series.  I'm ready to learn more about The Queen City of The Great Lakes while Bernice and Jason get after it on their project house.

American Rehab Utah
with Andy and Candis Meredith 
I'm also ready for American Rehab Utah.  Did you know that the Beehive State is the 2nd fastest growing state in the U.S. behind North Dakota?  Anyway, someone once told me to be suspicious of anyone with two first names, but I have a good feeling about hosts Andy and Candis Meredith who run their own home renovation business while also raising seven children.  Wow!  That's enough to field a future Olympic Rugby Team!  I'll tell more about this series down the road. 
And finally, Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has announced that he'll host American Rehab: Motor City with Carre Calloway (Queen Kwong).  It looks to be a grand Roaring Twenties Era home.  Awesome!   
American Rehab: Motor City
with Wes Borland and Carre Calloway

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