Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Cottage - Floor Plans, Before/After

I've been thinking a lot about The Cottage lately, mostly because it has several things in common with The TV House.  As I've written previously, in many ways my previous Pig's Ears have prepared me for taking on the project featured on American Rehab Charleston
Like The TV House, this property was originally a two room home before an addition made it much bigger.  Another similarity is/was how I moved the kitchen from the back of each house to the front(s) in rooms that had been bedrooms.  Both homes were built in the beginning of the twentieth century and I knew from the beginning that each would be great projects for me.

I moved every wall and door of The Cottage and reworked/rebuilt all the interior walls except the original back wall of the oldest part of the building.  This project just sort of snowballed into something bigger or better the more I tore into it.  I saw plumbing and electrical I couldn't live with and as I got deeper into the demo, I got more and more excited about what I could do with this little house.  It was so much fun.  I really had a blast with this one.  What I great project! 
I'll let the drawings tell the rest of the story and will post some interior pics in the next few days to show how things turned out on the inside. 

The Cottage - Before

The Cottage - After

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