Tuesday, August 23, 2016

And That's a Wrap!!

This is the amazing production team that I spent my summer with!  They were so great!  They've all been gone a full week now and I'm really missing them.  It was like getting to work with family and close friends everyday for two and half months. 

For clarity, I don't choose the people I'm working with on the TV side.  They're sent to me from all over the country.  They're all strangers at first, not just to me, but in most cases to each other as well.  However, over time and quite quickly we grow together naturally and begin to work efficiently as a team that get's to tell the story of a Pig's Ear getting saved.  We were all just thrown together and we made it work in a special way that probably made it hard for people on the outside looking in to believe that we only all just met in June.     

I love getting to work with a tradesperson who stumbles onto a gnarly, unexpected situation on one of my projects and shrugs as they say, "It's not a big deal.  I'll take care of it."  This was what it was like working with this crew on our two houses being renovated simultaneously this summer.  Maybe there were times when they were anxious or nervous on the inside, but they didn't show it.  They were champs day after day and I am so grateful that I got to spend the long days and intense weeks with them. 

Renovating a house is an adventure.  I sometimes need to remind myself of this to gain some additional inspiration as I grind it out.  Taking on a condemned or abandoned house is even more challenging and dirty and nerve-racking.  However, it's also a lot of fun.  I really love each project.  I enjoy figuring out the unexpected and getting to the end with my sanity and hopefully some profit.

As fun as it is during normal circumstances, it's even more enjoyable with the production crew there with me in the middle of the action.  Everyday, we were there experiencing everything together.  When I'm renovating a house like I usually do, I'm alone much of the time and I frequently  don't get to share the experience with anyone.  If I discover something unique or cool, it's most often when I'm by myself.  To have others there with me is special and getting to have experienced pros right there with cameras while I'm miked up is still mind-blowing for me.

Fun, Fun, Fun!  I'm so thankful I got to do two more houses for television.

I'm not able to thank you all enough!  You're the best!

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