Friday, September 2, 2016

The Queen Anne-Craftsman - Before

A big question with this house early on was, 'Is the home built in the Queen Anne style or is it more of a Craftsman?'  Well, in the midst of the restoration we decided that it was a wonderful combination of both.  It was built during the QA Era (1880-1910), has a steeped roof that's a characteristic of that style, there's obvious symmetry in the original part of the home, and it has the definitive bay window. 

However, there are some nods to the American Craftsman or Arts and Crafts style of house as well; late 1800's early 1900's  construction, natural materials, dominant fireplaces, a spacious front porch, and built-in furniture/cabinetry.  Without knowing what the original owners/builders were thinking, I'm speculating they were influenced by both styles, so naming this Pig's Ear The Queen Anne-Craftsman seems appropriate as well as respectful to those who were responsible for building it at the turn of the twentieth century.

The QA-C was condemned with a handful of other run-down buildings in town.  However, the local historical society voiced their concerns which lead to them taking ownership soon after, saving it from a demolition crew.  After years of contemplation, the historical preservationists decided they needed to find someone to take over in the rescue effort and I was referred to them by one of my neighbors.  I looked up the home on Google Maps, called my contact, and a couple hours later I was walking the property having a serious discussion about becoming the property's owner.  The windows were boarded up, there was obvious water damage and wood rot throughout, and cracked plaster walls suggested serious structural issues.  However, I was drawn to the QA-C because of all of the potential I could see; 14 foot (13' 6") ceilings, six fireplaces with original mantels, originals doors and wainscoting, lots of great bead board, and clear evidence of structural integrity in the midst of deficiencies.  

This is such a great house.  I'm thankful the historical society intervened and grateful I was able to add it to my list of Pig's Ears.  What a great project.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out. 

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  1. This house can be made to be a beauty... so sad these old homes are being left behind....thank you for taking the time to not forget their beauty