Friday, October 7, 2011

It's An Adventure

An adventure is exciting, but it’s most often challenging.  It’s jammed full of tests and trials and usually some element of endurance (it likely doesn’t start and then finish in a day or two).  An adventure is laced with satisfaction, which isn’t to say that it’s full of chocolate and giggles throughout, but it has moments that are unforgettable and worth savoring.  An adventure oftentimes has an element of danger and perhaps forces the person involved to deal with fear.  An adventure might provide its participants with the opportunity to meet interesting, colorful characters, but could also put them in some sort of standoff with nefarious individuals who could knock them off track, want to do them harm, or maybe take advantage of them for financial gain.  And an adventure may have a dividend waiting at it’s conclusion like tremendous personal satisfaction, attention, and/or something valuable.   

Renovating a run-down house is an adventure.  Most of my projects have taken at least a year to complete.  On many occasions I’ve had to climb and work higher above the ground than I would have liked, been forced to crawl or squeeze myself into tight spaces in order to finish tasks, and been faced with ridding my project of critters that make my skin crawl even now as I type these words.  While renovating Pig’s Ears I got my dog and have made countless friends.  I’ve had my share of clashes with inspectors, contractors, and vendors when they hindered my pursuit of a Certificate of Occupancy.  And in renovating Pig’s Ears I’ve been thrilled to see my houses featured on-line or in magazines at the bookstore, I’ve been showered with praise from neighbors, friends, and relatives, I’ve made some money, and I married a beautiful girl who parked in my Pig’s Ear driveway without permission.

Like any adventure, renovating a run-down house will involve unexpected obstacles, setbacks, trying times, perhaps some scary moments, and maybe even a visit to the emergency room.  Renovating a Pig’s Ear or taking on any challenge that others think is impossible won’t be easy, but it will be an adventure and you have to believe it will be worth your effort.  So if you’re considering a house renovation that seems overwhelmingly daunting like climbing Mt. Everest or heading across the ocean in a boat, I want to stoke your fire and recommend that you keep that consideration burning.  You may enjoy taking on that Pig’s Ear as much as I do and like me, it might even be a life changing experience.


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