Friday, February 17, 2012

My Favorite Part of This Old House Magazine

Although many things have changed over the past decade, for me one thing remains the same: my routine when I remove my issue of This Old House Magazine from the mailbox.  The first thing I look at, oftentimes before I even make it back into the house, is the last page:  Save This Old House.  The homes that TOHMag. features here are Pig's Ears; houses that most people don't want and properties that have been seemingly forgotten.  Many of these houses are vacant by the time they appear on this page.  They're not completely dismissed though, someone recognizes their value and has taken time to put out a call for their rescue by sharing photos and a brief write-up.  As much as I love taking on severely run-down houses, I also enjoy the stories and lessons of history and the STOH page nearly always has intriguing historical details included in the articles accompanying the pictures and ties these facts into the subjects of the back page.  

Sometimes these houses need moved, but they always need someone like me who's ready to dig into the challenge of renovating an extremely run-down home; properties that have in many cases been left for dead and are ready to be brought back to life.  We live in the Lowcountry of South Carolina near Charleston.  They featured a home in the Palmetto Sate once; a property up in Union that's about three and half hours away.  So, if you have a STOH near you, I'm envious.  I'd love to buy one of these places and head up the effort to breathe life into it and help transform it into a Silk Purse. 

One of these days, maybe TOHMag. will share a home on Save This Old House that is near us.  I'm watching our mailbox and waiting because those are my type of houses.          

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