Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Restoring Charleston: Viewing Options

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Wed., Nov. 16th, 

Thurs., Nov. 17th, 

Thurs., Nov. 17th, 

Hi Folks!

We worked really hard this summer and had a lot of fun while we rehabbed.  I'm glad this is coming through in the shows.  As you may have noticed, the airing of this series has had some stiff competition for viewership.  In our first week, we were up against the final Presidential Debate.  Week 2 had us on at the same time as Game 2 of the World Series.  The third week we were on with the Country Music Awards and epic Game 7 when the Cubs beat the Indians in extra innings.  And last week we were on opposite many programs sorting out the results of the historic election.     

We have a couple more chances for everyone to see what we did in St. George this summer.  All the episodes of Restoring Charleston will air again on the DIY Network tomorrow and Thursday.  Back- to-back for eight hours (8pm to 4am) means we'll be on prime time coast-to-coast, which is awesome. In addition, some have asked me if they can catch Restoring Charleston on-line and I have a couple options linked below plus there are likely others if you do some searching; Youtube and iTunes.

Thanks again for watching and for telling others about the series.


American Rehab Charleston on Youtube and iTunes.

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