Thursday, April 30, 2015

Step 33 - Door Hardware, Mirrors, Bathroom Accessories, Shelving, & Cabinet Knobs

You don’t really have to wait until the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are complete in order to start Step 33.  However, it’s a lot easier and you’ll have a better chance of doing things right the first time if you just plan to dig into all these important little things after the systems trades have passed their inspections.  You can set up lights with extension cords running to your temp pole and you can guess where some plumbing and electrical fixtures are going to go (while you either sweat in the heat or shiver in the cold) if you like, but it always makes sense for me to be prudently patient and just wait. 

Door Hardware - I like to get into a groove with these and go room-by-room with all my hand tools, a bucket to sit on, and a trash bag.  This hardware doesn’t usually all go in smoothly.  Some of the sets will, but others will require some careful adjusting so the doors open and shut properly.  If they all go in without any problems or issues, you may have accidentally slipped into The Twilight Zone so proceed with caution.

Mirrors/Medicine Cabinets – Not too much to say about bathroom mirrors.  You’ll really need light fixtures to be installed before you can place these where you need/want them.  Basic safety and the possibility of seven years of bad luck are your biggest concerns with this; if necessary, plan ahead to have an extra set of hands around to help with a large mirror.  Also, I’m a big fan of medicine cabinets.  You don’t really think about them until you’re living in the house, but if/when you remember to install them, you’ll really appreciate having them. 

Bathroom accessories -  If you’ve never hung towel bars, TP holders, and rope hooks, I’ll encourage you to take your time and use the templates that the manufacturer will include in the box.  And make sure you use some sort of level.  A torpedo or 2’ level will work a lot better than a Carpenter's four footer.   

Shelving – Now here’s an example of something that really needs to wait until power is on to the house.  Most closets won’t have windows and you need adequate light to hang shelves in closets.  Pantry shelves in the kitchen and coat or linen closets in a hallway may be a different story,  but you'll be better off to have electricity so you can see.  And just like door hardware, I like to go closet-by-closet and do all of these at once.  The rubber covered white shelving from the box stores works great for most projects, but sometimes, for a higher-end home, wood shelving is a better choice because the wire shelves can look cheap and out of place in a home where everything else costs a little more. 

Cabinet Knobs -  You know the Carpenter's Rule = Measure Twice, Cut Once.  Well here's another; The Cabinet Installer's Rule = Measure Three Times, Drill One Hole.  I just made that one up myself.  Be really careful with the placement and drilling of holes for the knobs in your kitchen and bathroom doors/drawers.  Here's another suggestion:  Start in the bathroom.  If you mess up there, it will be less noticeable and you really want to know what you're doing when you get to the kitchen.

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