Friday, April 3, 2015


I’ve been snorkeling a few times.  I enjoyed it.  I was able to swim in the clear waters of the Caribbean and once got to spend a few hours diving the underwater terrain of the Great Barrier Reef.   Awesome!

In those moments I was mindful of the special circumstances I found myself in, but looking back now, it happened way too fast in many ways.  I was surrounded by colorful flora and fauna and off the coast of Australia there were the amazing coral polyps.  I grew up in the Midwest where we did our swimming in lakes, creeks, and swimming pools.  In many ways I was raised as a landlubber so when I’m out in open water equipped with snorkeling gear, I’m thinking quite a bit about staying afloat, blowing out water, and not drowning.  However, I was sure to appreciate these extraordinary moments until eventually, I swam to the beach or climbed back into a boat and reflected within more familiar conditions as I walked, stood upright, or sat while breathing and talking comfortably.  

In some ways, I’m resurfacing now; as a blogger and as a freelance home renovator.  I’m getting back to normal after the extraordinary experience of being on camera filming the rehab of The TV House.  Like with the snorkeling, I was out of my typical circumstances and I’m just now reflecting on what happened.  Like with the underwater experiences things occurred way too fast in that it was sometimes hard to appreciate them in the moment because I was so busy thinking, describing what I was doing, and trying to not drown (so to speak)… on camera. 

In the waters around the Bahamas, I was able to swim amongst cool fish that seemed almost florescent in how brightly they stood out in the clear water.  Comparatively, I just had the pleasure of working with some amazing production people during the filming of American Rehab Charleston.  Talented, funny, and colorful themselves in the stories they brought with them and in the way they diligently and methodically work at their craft. 

At the Great Barrier Reef, I was able to see and experience something big and extraordinary, in person, in front of my own eyes.  The production side of The TV House was similar for me.  For years people have told me, “You should be on TV.  You should be on one of those home renovation shows.”  And now, I was able to do it.  It was extraordinary.  It was large and impressive to see for myself, to be in the middle of, to experience first hand.  Like being at the GBR, I wasn’t watching all the production activity on a screen or looking at it in a picture, I was there.  Also awesome!     

In resurfacing, I’m getting back to normal.  I’m writing again, which I’m finding I need to do more than I just want to do and I’m finishing The TV House, which I want and need to do.  I’m back to living and working without cameras as I reflect on my experiences filming the show.  It was hard work; crazy, hectic and dirty as construction renovations always are, but it was a tremendous experience having the production crews here, good times and great moments that I don’t want to forget about anytime soon.  

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