Tuesday, March 1, 2016


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Happy Birthday, Frosty!

Frosty is 14.  That's 98 in dog years!  She's been with me as I've renovated all of my Pig's Ears.  She was born next door to the Fire House so I've known her for her entire life.  Except for a few trips over the years that have taken me away from home on a plane, my days have ended by bringing Frosty inside for the night and started each morning by taking her out.  Fourteen years is a long time... almost a third of my life.

Frosty is the best, sweetest dog I've ever been around.  I'm lucky to have her and she's been a wonderful family pet since I got married and we all became a family.  She's always been warm and friendly to everyone, especially children.  If anyone ever pets or irritates her, she licks them relentlessly until they stop whatever they're doing that's bothering her.  Sure she barks at strangers who've stopped by, but she never growls at anyone and has never shown the slightest sign of aggression.  Her occasional barking is just her letting people know they're on her property, she's watching, and she's in charge.        

I love Frosty, but I've taken her for granted, even more so since our family has grown.  I haven't walked her as much as I've liked or taught her enough tricks.  She's very smart and I could've done a better job to help everyone see her brilliance.  I haven't taken her running with me as much as she'd like and I should have spent more time just petting her.  I love her and am proud of her.  I'm glad she's been my sweet, beautiful dog for all these years.  She was by my side, in my bed, and on the floor nearby when I was full of doubt or worry and alone.  She's been my friend through it all; both good and bumpy times.

Happy Birthday, Girl!  XO

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