Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Shatner Project (Adventure)

William Shatner, the legendary actor who I first saw as Captain Kirk on Star Trek, comes back to TV tonight in the premiere of The Shatner Project on the DIY network at 10pm EST.  The network episode page concludes the show information by describing the remodel as an 'adventure.’  I love it.

I prefer to look at life’s challenges as adventures.  At first this became a comfortable mantra for me when things went south… like vehicle break downs at the wrong place or time, a few unplanned fires I’ve been able to extinguish, or at gnarly traffic accidents or other emergency situations.  This mindset has also helped me keep my head right as I’ve been faced with dicey situations; a stranger with Alzheimer’s that needed help or a neighbor beating up his girlfriend as well as unexpected events like a pet that needs reunited with its owner or a cell phone that needs reunited with its owner.  For some, these may be viewed as inconveniences or headaches, but I accept them as things that are part of the adventure that is life.    

I love renovating these run-down properties for so many reasons and the adventure of taking on a crazy challenge is just part of it for me.  I buy the house and I know I’m going to save it, but I have no idea exactly how I’m going to get to the finish line.  I don’t know who’s going to be a part of the team along the way or who I’ll meet while I’m working.  That’s part of the fun for me.  Heading off into the unknown I guess.  For some this is no way to operate.  I understand.  But taking on a big challenge that no one else wants is not just an adventure, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow, as a professional and as someone who realizes that the world is a big classroom. 

Sometimes folks consider adventure in a far off limited sense that makes it hard to apply to modern everyday life.   Sailing a ship through pirate infested waters.  That’s an adventure that’s a good story, but not all that relatable (unless you’re someone like Capt. Richard Phillips).  Hiking through the wilderness, traveling to a foreign country, serving in the military; these are modern sceneries that we think of when we use the word adventure.  But for me, renovating a pig’s ear is an adventure, just like starting a small business, getting married, raising children, or trying to get everything on the supply list at the department store the day before school starts.  These are all adventures.  Life is an adventure. 

In The Shatner Project, Mr. Bill is serving as the Project Manager of his remodel, but c’mon… he’s Captain Kirk.  He’s really the Project Captain (… a much higher rank than a PM, for sure.)  Anyway, I’m thinking he’s ready.  He’s got the right attitude.  It’s an adventure.  So as far as Mr. Shatner’s renovation adventure goes.  Like I said, I love that, I get it, and I’ll be watching tonight.              

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