Monday, October 7, 2013

Over-the-Rhine - Part 1

As much as I love resurrecting an old house, I am equally passionate about saving old buildings of any type.  Embracing the structures that have stood the test of time has value.  Look at Fenway Park in Boston.  People travel to the northeast every season to see the city, sure, but they also want to watch the Red Sox play in their aged venue.  To many, being there, in that old place, is more significant than what's happening on the field. 

I feel the same about old schools, hospitals, churches, warehouses, and most anything that was built well and has withstood time and the wrath of Mother Nature.  The way I size these things up, if it's been around longer than me, than it needs to be rehabbed if possible.  There's so much history and character in our old buildings.  Tearing them down for something new and modern is cheaper and easier, but not always better.  It seems that the older I get, the more I say this, and the stronger my feelings become. 

I live outside of Charleston, South Carolina.  One of the things that factored into my relocation decision years back was that they appreciate old buildings here like I do.  People visit historic places like Charleston, Fenway, Savannah, Georgia, and the French Quarter of New Orleans because of their age and history.  Looking at my opinion while factoring in tourist dollars helps to make my point; it is worth it to save old buildings...spending money to make money.

A great picture of the front entrance of Fenway Park (by Gary Paul Smith)
Gary's Ballpark Blog
Charleston, South Carolina

Savannah, Georgia
The French Quarter of New Orleans
The Over-the-Rhine district of Cincinnati is special to me.  It's not as well known as the areas mentioned above, but I hope that in my lifetime it will be appreciated for what it was, what it is, and what it can be.

The Over-the-Rhine district of Cincinnati

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History of The Over-the-Rhine


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