Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Step 26 - Cabinets

Next on the list:  Cabinetry.

Most of the time, money, and attention to complete Step 26 will be spent on the cabinets in the kitchen, but this is also the time to install cabinetry in the bathrooms as well as the laundry room, home office area, and the garage if applicable.

At the Fire House, I hired a custom cabinet maker.
They built them off-site and then installed them.
I've completed Step 26 in several ways; I've hired a custom cabinet maker to build and install the units when we're ready, I've built and installed them on-site myself, I've purchased units from warehouses or salvage dealers, and I've bought the boxes from one of the big chain DIY/building suppliers, assembled, and installed them before I trimmed out around them.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, every project is different so you won't hear me saying cabinets must be done a certain way every time. 

Although this cabinetry looks a lot like the units in The Fire
House, these boxes came disassembled from a big box store. 
I put them together in The Bungalow & installed them myself.
Any custom cabinet maker will want to do all the cabinetry, but I have to stretch my money as far as I can and breaking the kitchen cabinet scope off from the rest of the house has worked well for me.  And, although the source or supplier may differ, the timing is the same and the kitchen units and bathroom boxes always get installed after the floors and before the counters.   

And finally, on the topic of timing, if you're installing the cabinets yourself, remember to install the wall cabinets first.  Get those right and then dig into the base cabinets below.  

At The Cottage - I did built-ins in the kitchen.  I like how they turned out, but this is a scope of work I've only taken on this one time and definitely one of those things that I thought would be easier than it was. 

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