Sunday, May 13, 2012

Extreme Renovating - Steps 1-10

I've never thought too much about how I go about renovating the properties I buy...except maybe when someone asks.  These run-down places have been condemned, abandoned, or forgotten.  Maybe that's why people feel inspired to ask, "How do you do what you do?"

Occasionally these visitors have shared their dream of buying a project home of their own.  They have clear enthusiasm on their faces and excitement in their voices.  They're curious, but it's more personal than that.  These people want to know how they can do what I do.

Below are the first ten steps I take as I renovate what we call a Pig's Ear: 

Step 1 - Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!
Take pictures before you pull your first weed or pick up a single piece of trash.

Step 3 - Batten Down the Hatches
Make the property secure.

Step 4 - Pull Out the Valuables
Divide what's been left behind by previous owners into two categories; useables and sellables.

Step 5 - Clean the House Out
Get rid of things inside the house that have no use or value.

Step 6 - Sketch Out the Floor Plan
Create an accurate, scaled drawing of the existing layout on graph paper.

Step 7 - Permits
Obtain any necessary, official authorization from local authorities to fix-up the home.

Step 8 - Redraw Your Floor Plan
Create a modified sketch on graph paper that shows how you want the house to look when your finished.

Step 9 - Know Your Limitations
Give yourself an honest evaluation.  Come to terms with what you know and what you can do yourself.

Step 10 - The Demolition Phase (Serious Fun)
Get the house ready for your changes by demoing walls.  Get debris and damaged material out of the house.

Your house may not be a Pig's Ear, but my advice will go a long way in helping you resurrect any property you buy into the home you imagine it can be.

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